Selasa, 17 Juli 2012

A Fashion Blogger

Yippy! Hello Tuesday!
Oh damn! The day after tomorrow is a HOLIDAY
I spend this Tuesday night to writing everything on my mind. Hihi. I try to use English, but yaaah my English is bad .
But if you don’t mind, I want to talk about fashion. And this post is about a fashion blogger.

I know her from my friend, Ken Laksmi. I just have a lot of her pictures. But I don’t really know about her and her blog. I know she is a blogger but I don’t know what the name of her blog is -____-
Just forget it.

Anddd here she is , beautiful right?

After you look at her beautiful face, you must know that she has a good sense when she mix&match her costume. Take a look guys!!

Can you see it ? Do you feel the same as i do? She is so damn amazing. Right???

Waiiit! Hold your breath. You should look at her shoes!

Oh men! Just can not speak anything

"Cingkrang" pant with brown peep-toe boats!

Like a tennis racket, yes?
Amazing keds !!
Anddd last but not the least , take a look at her accessories!!!
Okay, WOW
Blink-Spyder in Pink
Gold? Not old

So, What do you think?

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